Whitney Wolfe and Bumble’s Community are on the Move

When Bumble began in 2014 a community of users sprang up around the site. These users were mostly young women from the millennial generation and older females from generation Z. These women range in age from 18 to 35 and they view the world through a different spectrum. Bumble is a dating site that does the very same thing.

Bumble is all about female empowerment. Whitney Wolfe designed it that way. Any man logging onto this site thinking he is going to get some cheap thrills and blatant nudity, might as well rethink his motives. The site is not about feeding men and their stereotypes it’s about bringing out the best in women. Women are equal to men and in some regards they are superior. Bumble brings this reality to the forefront.

The community that sprang up around Bumble was not by accident. There are millions of of women allover the country that love this this site and Whitney Wolfe. They like it because they can search for a love connection. They also like this site because it allows them to connect with other females in terms of friendship, business connections and acquaintances. Whitney Wolfe decided to gather this online community into the real world. She has set up different locations in and around Austin where her company is based for this purpose.

Bumble also has communities all over the country. These communities are in physical spaces and not just on the web. They were established for the purpose of gathering people together to share their experience with Bumble. Bumble’s communities are vibrant, tech driven and a place where people can sometimes make a real love connection. Whitney Wolfe’s real world Bumble communities help to bring the online world into focus. They allow online users to have a real physical place to go so that they can discuss the dating app and share their experiences.

Whitney Wolfe wants Bumble users to have the best experience possible. This is why her dating app is so important to their cause. Bumble is a great place for women and men to meet in the real world and get to know each other. The real world Bumble communities that are located all over this country is just an extension of the online world of Bumble dating.

Contact  Whitney Wolfe: schedule.sxsw.com/2018/events/PP99060

OSI Foods Growing Strong

Being one of the most successful private food processing companies in the world is not easy, however OSI Food Solutions sure do make it look easy. Steadily growing at a rapid pace OSI has been around since 1909. Otto Kolschowsky started the company in the Chicago area as a simple meat and butcher shop, little did he know it would grow to be one of largest meat processing venues in the world.

Hard work and determination are the two words that come to mind among OSI Food Solutions. With workers all around the world, from the US, to Germany, to China the company prides itself in being the leader when it comes to innovation and new ideas.

The OSI Graduate Program is just one of the great ideas that have sprouted wings within the organization. In April 2014 the company launched its first graduate program which trained participants in roles such as how to lead teams and manage clients. To of the participants Daniela Worsch and Saule Ialgasbaeva now hold key positions within the organization.

As OSI grows larger their emphasis on humane projects and policies also appear to grow. One such example of this: OSI has one of the strictest policies among its peers concerning the treatment of animals when it comes to their treatment, handling and slaughter.

OSI Food Solutions received a most esteemed award from the British Safety Council in 2016. The Globe of Honor is given to companies who have demonstrated excellence in environmental management.

OSI Foods Solutions has recently purchased Tyson’s Food Plant for $7.4 million. Making even larger already 65 facility organization throughout 17 countries. 480 employees were expected to lose their jobs, prior to OSI Foods coming to the rescue, with this purchase Tyson employees can now keep their income while the new business venture will stimulate the area.

For details: www.forcepoint.com/de/resources/case-study/osi-food-solutions

Class Dojo Is Making Its Way Into Every Classroom

Class Dojo is an educational system that has been developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They two went on a journey to different schools throughout the country to find out just what issues were facing teachers and students education. The majority of teachers were able to agree on a common issue, communication. With so much going on in many peoples lives, it becomes different to communicate effectively about schooling and teachers often don’t find the time to get involved. Class Dojo is changing this with the revolutionary app for vastly improved communication. Although there are many programs out there for education and learning purposes, Class Dojo is the first to focus on communication and also the first to release for free and stay free forever.

With more than two-thirds of all schools in the United States catching on to this impressive platform, it is clear to see just how effective it is for teachers, parents, and students. Proper evaluation and encouragement are important for a student’s overall growth, which is why it is more important than ever for parents to get involved. Class Dojo allows parents to stay up to date with the student’s progress at all times of the day, regardless of there current errands. This is because Class Dojo runs on all computers and smartphones as long as there is an adequate internet connection. Parents can directly communicate with teachers through the app as well, which lets parents get on top of things quickly when they happen, rather than waiting for a phone call. Parent-teacher conferences are the way most people remember it from their childhood, but this method has many problems that make it difficult for parents to participate and teachers to really connect with students and their parents.

Class Dojo is still free today because Sam and Liam do not believe it should cost money for a student to receive a better educational experience. Anyone with a smart device and an internet connection can take part in Class Dojo with a simple invitation from an instructor. No personal information is required from students or anyone for that matter so it is completely safe to use. Class Dojo also has support for dozens of languages to ensure everyone can get involved and start building a more positive school experience for all parties.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Follow Ara Chackerian Footsteps

There has been a remarkable economic surge over the years thanks to the availability of capital and influence of those who have excelled in their business endeavors. The healthcare sector is one of the notable economic settings that have been enjoying surprising growth. In fact, healthcare innovators such as Ara Chackerian are a great inspiration to entrepreneurs in the world. The only drawback is that most investors are fretful about the healthcare startups that they opt for or they want to finance.




Ara Chackerian has seen the potential in the healthcare sector, and through his experience, he focused on innovations such as robotics, digital imaging, and AI. He felt that there is a lot of potential in these areas as they could easily modernize the medicine industry. The growth of healthcare startups led to computing, improved treatment methods as well as reliable digital recordkeeping. Ara pursued investors with innovations that will increase sustainability and growth of the medical sector.




More developed innovations have graced the healthcare sector, but the only challenge has been venture capital. As an innovator, Ara Chackerian knows that for such startups to excel, one has to go for enthusiastic and talented investors. These are the type of entrepreneurs who are ready to sell the innovations at hand and deliver remarkable funds to shareholders. To become innovators regardless of the field one chooses, it is wise to innovate and pursue the best investors with sustainable results. For more details visit norluyce.com





Ara Chackerian is a magnet in the healthcare sector and is the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings. He holds a B.S degree in Marketing and Business Management from the Florida State University. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist with exceptional marketing and leadership skills. He was the founder and CEO of BMC Diagnostics. Mr. Chackerian has also co-founded a few other companies. They include a national provider of Telepharmacy services, TMS Health Solutions, a California based behavioral Health Service Company, and PipelineRX.




Ara Chackerian’s Charity Work




Ara Chackerian’s philanthropic work is a great inspiration to many entrepreneurs out there. He has been committed to giving back over the years relentlessly. He and his companies have supported many charitable undertakings that focus on youth development and youngsters getting a satisfactory education. Mr. Ara Chackerian philanthropic hand has reached parts of Nicaragua, Armenia and many parts of the United States. Entrepreneurs and innovators out there should follow Chackerian footsteps and improve the healthcare system worldwide.




See more: https://about.me/ara-chackerian

Vijay Eswaran Did These Things To Succeed

The world is full of hundreds of millions of businesses. Without them, people would be forced to trade goods and services with one another, left constantly worried about whether their potential trade partners would show interest in what they currently own.

Thanks to modern-day capitalistic commerce, businesses are able to thrive, but only if their owners and operators try their hardest, have good people skills, and run into at least a tiny bit of luck along the road to success.

Vijay Eswaran, a popular business person who reached the pinnacle of business success some years ago, has his very own views on how to be successful in the world of business. Here are just a few of those uncommon yet helpful lines of thought, as provided to commercial hopefuls around the world by none other than the highly successful Mr. Vijay Eswaran.

Leading as a servant is always important

When most people hear the word “leadership,” they relate it to executives at big companies who spent the majority of their time in the workplace talking to others, telling subordinates what to do, and making successful presentations to executives of other businesses.

However, listening is a hallmark of success in leadership. The best company executives – not just in the United States, but across the entirety of the blue-and-green globe we call home – spend most of their time at work listening to others.

Servant leaders are the world’s most sought-after type, as they inherently listen to what their employees, other subordinates, and higher-ups have to say. Vijay Eswaran believes that actively acting to care about others – whether one actually cares about subordinates or not – will help improve one’s chances of demonstrating that he or she is a servant leader.

Another important, effective means of proving to others that one is a servant leader is to sacrifice one’s own goals, time, and other valuable things. Doing so will cause subordinates to look up to these managers and executives and be more willing to relinquish their time and personal effort to them.

Don’t always change what means most to one’s self

Morals and values are ideas that should hold true throughout time. Employees appreciate leaders who are never willing to act differently out of convenience or having higher chances of business success.

When subordinates see that their leaders will eagerly or reluctantly act out of line with their morals just for business goals, they resent those leaders.

Sheldon Lavin: The OSI Group’s Visionary, Experienced Chief Executive Officer

Sheldon Lavin is the 86 year old visionary who has built American food processing company the OSI Group into a global juggernaut. A former banker, investor and owner of Sheldon Lavin and Associates, a Chicago based financial consulting firm, Lavin took control of the OSI Group in the early 1980s. At that point the company provided ground beef patties for McDonald’s franchises nationwide and prime cuts of meats for restaurants, supermarkets and private brands in the Midwestern United States. Lavin immediately set the company on a course of aggressive global expansion.

Thanks to Sheldon Lavin’s vision and meticulous planning, the OSI Group now has customers in over 80 countries around the world. The company also has in excess of 70 production facilities in a dozen and a half countries. Under Lavin’s guidance the OSI Group has build 10 poultry processing facilities in China, making it the biggest producer of poultry products in the country. The company also has food processing facilities in the Philippines, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and throughout the United States. They are now America’s 58th largest privately owned company.

The solid educational background of Sheldon Lavin helped to prepare him for the tasks he has had to handle as CEO and chairman of this large and growing company with over 20,000 employees. Lavin has degrees in finance and accounting from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. He also has a business degree from Roosevelt University. Add the 15 years experience Lavin had running his financial consulting firm and it is easy to see where he gained the business acumen to build the OSI Group into a world leader in the processing and production of food products.

Along with running a multibillion dollar business enterprise, Sheldon Lavin is also the Rush University Medical Center general trustee. He has also served as a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation director. Married for over 5 decades, Lavin is a beloved father and grandfather. He’s also a committed philanthropist who has spent 25 years supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities and is their capital campaign’s trustee and chairman. Lavin is the director and president of the family charitable organization The Sheba Foundation and gives generously to countless other charities.

Sheldon Lavin says his proudest achievement is maintaining a family atmosphere at the OSI Group as it expands globally. In 2016, the Vision World Academy gave him their Global Visionary award.