Creativity Is Bridget Scarr’s Primary Drive

Bridget Scarr is a London-based writer, executive producer, and singer-songwriter. Bridget Scarr is very dedicated and an excellent manager of time because an insight into her daily life shows that when she is not working on a television project, she is working on either her first album or first fantasy epic novel. The creative director loves the content in all its forms because it has the power to shift mindsets and bring change to our immediate environments.


According to Bridget Scarr, creativity is a potent force which is sometimes an agent of change. Creativity makes her work be an area of fun and a kind of freedom of expression. She works with her partner and son who help pull her out of the depths of despair. Bridget Scarr is always grateful for the support and love she receives, and the beautiful connections she makes. Bridget Scarr managed to rise after losing everything she owned because her inner creativity voice shed light on his path to success by rejuvenating his passion for books, music, and life in general. Her simple goal is to be grateful for everything and show appreciation to those you love.


She is an executive producer and writer having the affinity to develop compelling content that extends across many platforms. Her projects include television and digital content, augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive exhibition. The plans always resonate well with large audiences both emotionally and intellectually. She is a renowned executive producer with a sumptuous production experience of more than 15 years in television, advertising and animation. Bridget’s responsibility over the years has been that of overseeing the creative development as well as technical and artistic production output of teams across different platforms.


Bridget Scarr currently works at Colibri Studios as the head of content development, strategy, and partnerships. The department offers her the opportunity to engage with daily events and collaboration with international project partners, broadcasters, and creative talent that brings life to projects. Her dedication to bringing experience to people’s ideas bore the idea of Colibri Studios which meant that she could then enter into development and content creation. She terms Colibri Studios as the place that gives life to all her ideas under the same umbrella.


Bridget Scarr’s advice to other young people trying to follow her footsteps is that they should do away with fear, put their trust in their journey, as well as believe in themselves and their God-given gifts. People should meditate, be free, be light and above all love unconditionally.


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Understanding How Some Tech Gadgets Cause High Electric Bills

No one likes an exceptionally high electric bill, but most often people are unaware that leaving things on standby or even just plugged in when not in use can actually cause a low-level background drain on electricity. Doing this can cause an unusually higher electric bill annually than one would think is possible based on their usage. This is called Phantom Drain and in the industry these gadgets that cause this drain are called energy vampires.

While many appliances need to be plugged in on a continuous basis, there are some appliances and tech items that are better off being unplugged when not in use so they do not cause phantom electricity draining. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.

Some of the top items known to be energy vampires are:

  • Game Consoles
  • DVR
  • Printers
  • Stereo Systems
  • PC Computer Screens
  • All Plugged In Tech Gadgets Left On Standby


One simple way to save around $170.00 per year on an electric bill is by simply unplugging a DVR and a Stereo system when not in use. If you also unplug a game console, a printer and PC computer screen you can ratchet up those savings to about $250.00 per year. The $250.00-dollar savings is equivalent to a car payment or a weekend getaway. View the Company reviews at

The best way to make the process of turning off items before leaving the house easier is by getting multiple power strips to use. Plugging in multiple items into one or two power strips makes shutting them off as easy as clicking one switch.

At Stream Energy, our goal is to help our clients better understand their electric bill and how they can lower the costs of their electricity through better use. The company was founded in 2004 in Texas and is a retailer of electricity and natural gas. Their services are available to the general public in all areas of the country that have electric and gas services that are deregulated. If you are interested in learning more about the services that Stream Energy provides in your area please go to their website at: or you can contact them by phone at: 1-214-800-4400.


Architects Should Join The American Institute Of Architects

With the American government cutting back on building structures, it is crucial for all architects to join the American Institute of Architects. Upon joining the institute, architects will receive hundreds of benefits.

For starters, joining the American Institute of Architects comes with a low monthly payment. The payment, however, is well worth it. This payment includes the member’s name in the architect database. It has been proven that government officials and others seek out the American Institute of Architects whenever an architect is needed. The more jobs accomplished by an architect, the higher his/her name will be on the list. The list has nothing to do with politics, but it has everything to do with talent and perseverance.

In addition to being on a grand list, the American Institute of Architects offers free marketing advice for all members. This marketing advice consists of building a website, different ways to bring in clients, and how to manage your money. Every member of the American Institute of Architects has found a certain level of success.

Another benefit of being a member of the American Institute of Architects is that this organization is deeply rooted in history. Establishments like The Octagon House located in Washington, D.C. was designed and developed by the institute. There are also several historical buildings Philidelphia and New York that have been designed and developed by the institute. In fact, almost every city in America now has at least one structure built by members of the American Institute of Architects.

The American Institute of Architects also has several conferences throughout the year. These conferences are held in a different location within the United States. These conferences deal with helping architects find better jobs, introduce architects to new technology, and helps architects from around America connect with each another.

At these conferences, awards and grants are given out. These awards and grants are awarded to architects who gave their all, and the work(s) of the architect receiving recognition will be displayed as a slideshow. These conferences are always free for members to attend, but members must pay for their own transportation and stay.

Travelling Vineyard Lucrative Opportunity

Travelling vineyard is an American based company that was founded in 2001 and later purchased and reconstructed by Richard Libby in 2010. The company sells wine directly to its consumers through wine guides. The wine guide is anyone above the age of 21years and particularly women mainly staying at home to raise a young family or career women who seek to earn an extra coin. New wine guides provision is through several bottles of wine and a kit that offers information on the basics of wine and a guide on how to pair various wine to different types of food at an initial investment of 189 dollars.

Currently, the company has over 5000 wine guides from the 40 states that are paid commission according to the monthly sales. The sales are made online to different friends that the guide has acquired from the various wine tasting parties they hold at their homes hence creating an extensive network of sales all over the country. During the parties, the wine guides are encouraged to talk more about the wine they are offering and may be able to recruit new guides from which they will earn a profit from sales made by the recruits one has trained. Being a pioneer stay at home earning network, traveling vineyard has provided many wine guides and especially women the freedom to work in the comfort of their homes and also socialize through the different parties held where more wine selling takes place.

More sales by the guides translate to more earned points that one may use to do yearly shopping or may take a vacation to any destinations of their desire without paying from their hard earned money, that being one of the best reasons as to why one should join traveling vineyard company. Also, the company offers storage facilities for their guides who don’t have to hustle for space at their homes or in the offices. After placing an order, the company provides shipment of the wine to different destinations hence reducing the cost of transportation for the consultant.

Travelling Vineyard Company is a game changer to the lives of various consultants who are paid to host parties for the company and also they receive discounts on wine for themselves and even for the entertained friends.
Do you love your glass of wine in the company of great friends? Travelling Vineyard is the place to be.

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Todd Lubar’s Thoughts on the Factors to be Considered When Investing in Real Estate in Baltimore

Baltimore is renowned for having a higher population of young people as compared to old people. Regarding professionalism, the employment sector is also dominated by young professionals. Todd Lubar, a real estate expert, is confident that the demands for quality residential units are increasing with respect to the number of the young professionals. Furthermore, real estate developers are refurbishing old apartments to suit growing demand.


As far as infrastructural development is concerned, Baltimore is among the cities in the U.S. whose public transportation is improving and expanding. Todd believes that this development makes the city more habitable to those who wish to live and work downtown. It is projected that public transportation will also expand towards the metropolitan areas to ease traffic and congestion of parking spaces in the city.


When seeking real estate investment opportunities in Baltimore, one should look at factors such as public transportation, the business community, and the cost of living. Todd Lubar believes that these factors determine the success rates of investors seeking to venture in property development. In Baltimore’s business community, people are supporting start-ups and new businesses. Initiatives have also been put in place in Maryland State to improve the business community.


Todd Lubar notes that the cost of living in Baltimore is not expected to increase. Relatively low costs of living will favor those who cannot afford the lavish lifestyle in Washington DC. It will also attract those who are operating on a low budget. As real estate developers strive to make residential units more attractive and habitable, they also focus on making them affordable. These developers include amenities, such as luxury shopping centers and restaurants, in the housing complexes to attract young people.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar is a serial businessperson and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the finance and credit industry. He also spent part of that time facilitating transactions to those in need of residential units. Today, he holds the position of SVP at Legendary Investments and president at the critically-acclaimed TDL Global Ventures.


Most of Todd Lubar’s success can be attributed to his experience and passion for community service. At TDL Global Ventures, he continues to pursue his passion for enabling people to acquire residential loans without facing challenges. Check out Inspirery to know more.


With Trabuco Cappi’s Leadership, Patience Is The Ultimate Virtue

When he took over as Bradesco CEO, in 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was widely heralded as being the man who would finally establish the firm as the undisputed champion of the Brazilian banking industry. It was, therefore, extremely disappointing to many when he failed to deliver on that promise, instead overseeing a period of serious stagnation in the company’s stock price and its prospects for future growth.

However, all that changed in 2015, when Trabuco Cappi completed the largest single acquisition of a company in Brazilian history. Today, the CEO’s critics are largely eating craw, as the company is now poised to make a serious run for the status of Brazil’s first soft monopoly on banking.

Monopoly rent is the goal, even if Trabuco Cappi insists it isn’t

Any critic of Trabuco Cappi should always keep in mind that, although the prior CEO, Mario Cypriano, oversaw one of the most incredible periods of growth and value creation of any company in Brazilian history, that incredible explosion of Bradesco onto the national scene was largely the work of Trabuco Cappi himself.

As a minor executive at the firm, Trabuco Cappi had been almost solely responsible for the remarkable growth experienced in the firm’s financial planning unit as well as its insurance underwriting line. Combined, Trabuco Cappi was personally responsible for something on the order of half of all of the company’s profits. This not only made him a tremendously valuable employee, it also gave his unique takes on things the weight of serious credibility.

Thus, when he took over as CEO in 2009, his critics probably should have listed closely to Trabuco Cappi’s dire warning about the quickly deteriorating macroeconomic picture. He foresaw the stagnation in growth, especially organic acquisition of new customers, which he knew would be severely hampered by the profound economic slowdown that hit Brazil in the wake of the 2009 global recession.

But many people had no patience for such pronouncements. Then, within the first year of Trabuco Cappi taking the helm, Banco Itau merged with Unibanco, forming the largest banking conglomerate in the country, by far. Again, critics were dismayed that Trabuco Cappi would let this deal happen without at least making an effort to make an acquisition of one of the firms himself. However, it is unlikely he could have done anything about the deal.

Over the next six years, the firm’s share price was pummeled. As Bradesco was unable to grow and continued posting lackluster results, the share price declined by more than 50 percent. The market was clearly not happy with Trabuco Cappi’s leadership according to

Then, in 2015, it became known that HSBC was looking to rid itself of all of its Brazilian businesses. The hyper-competitive Brazilian banking industry proved to be too much for the global giant to handle. They were flushing cash into the operation and hemorrhaging capital and human resources. They wanted out as fast as possible.

Trabuco Cappi immediately jumped on the deal. By mid-summer, it was announced that there would be a purchase of all of HSBC’s Brazilian assets for $5.2 billion in an all-cash deal. This would mark the largest acquisition of a private company in Brazilian history. It would also immediately put Bradesco back into the number-one position in the Brazilian banking industry, across a large number of metrics.

The markets responded with glee. By 2016, Bradesco was trading at nearly two times its 2015 lows. The newfound confidence was largely a product of the firm now being positioned to make serious inroads to the virtual elimination of all competition within Brazil. Trabuco Cappi had positioned the firm to become a banking monopoly.

If he can pull it off, the rewards to the shareholders could ultimately be astonishing. A monopolistic Bradesco could be a guaranteed cash cow for anyone who owns it, and the markets will certainly continue soaring as Trabuco Cappi turns his bank into a free money machine.

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