Andrew Rolfe: A Dedicated Ubuntu Fund Chairman

During the tenth Ubuntu fund yearly Gala dinner, Ubuntu targeted to raise at least $972,960 in the month of May, this year. This amount was to be used to support the Fund’s school campus which. Many projects are lined up for funding initiatives such as the pediatric clinic which is part and parcel of the school running. The less fortunate kids will also get a chance to study in this school. The dinner spent more time than expected but eventually, they had achieved their goal.

Andrew is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, and he is pleased to support more than 300 attendees of the gala to the music concert performed by Xhosa choir. The dinner was attended by many students who had benefited from the Ubuntu Fund and graced by many awe-inspiring speeches from various guests.

Sinesiphio Rabidyani is a beneficiary of this fund. She spoke to the attendees after the dinner capturing everyone’s attention. She shared her story on how she never wanted to live at home as a result of her dad’s drunkenness. Through being awarded a scholarship by Ubuntu Fund and receiving the psycho-social support, she has managed to qualify to join a law school.

Charlie Ross who is a British auctioneer also handed over paintings by Dom Pattinson and Nelson Makamo’s portrait. These items are worth $38,667 in total, and this came in handy to support the organization. The evening was wrapped up by a speech from Jacob Lief who is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Ubuntu Fund.

About Andrew Rolfe

Before Andrew became the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, he was a student at the Oxford University where he attained his degree in philosophy, politics, and economics. He later attended studies at Harvard where he achieved a master’s in business administration. Andrew Rolfe was honored at the Gap’s International Division as “President.”

At Gap’s, he helped in operations around Japan, Germany, and France. Before this, he had gained experience after heading several companies such as Pret A Manger where he was the Chief Executive Officer. His success has left a mark in the job market due to the many organizations he has headed and his commitment towards helping companies achieve goals.


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