The Futurist with a Passion for Technology

If you’ve read any articles concerning the “Internet of Things”, it will likely sound like science fiction. It’s basically an expansion of the Internet that facilitates a world of automation, that at one time was previously reserved for Hollywood blockbusters and best-selling novels. So what exactly is “The Internet of Things? It’s technology that makes it possible to connect nontraditional devices to the Internet; this means that the Internet is no longer relegated to just computers and smartphones. It’s now being used in cars, appliances, and even airplanes. What was once considered the product of someone’s overactive imagination, is now becoming a reality. How does this technology work? It’s based on the best Bluetooth technology used in phones and tablets; the technology allows objects to communicate with each other, and with people. The airline industry is quickly taking notice of this trend, and is capitalizing on it; for example, Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 is using this technology to continually collect and analyze real-time data and communicate this information to ground staff. This allows mechanics to be aware of any possible problems and, if needed, have replacement parts ready prior to the plane’s landing; this goes a long way towards reducing downtime and also improves efficiency.

This technology is gaining so much momentum, that it has captured the attention of futurist Jason Hope writes. In an article by (a user-generated content platform for entrepreneurs), Jason recognizes the viability of this new technology and describes the benefits of IOT, which is an acronym for “Internet of Things,” as a tremendous benefit to the airline industry. Jason also claims to own a pair of running shoes that utilizes this same technology; it tracks his fitness progress and provides him with a first-hand account of what’s possible with this new technology. In addition to being a futurist, Jason is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. It’s not immediately clear if he intends on investing in this technology, but he admits to being excited about the direction that it is heading towards.

Jason is passionate about technology and is prepared to invest in ideas that capture his attention. He holds a degree in finance from Arizona State University, as well as an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carrey School of Business. He has a penchant for seeking out great opportunities, not only for himself but also for up coming entrepreneurs. He has a grant program, where he carefully selects a business idea that he is interested in backing, and brings it from concept to reality. The future of technology is moving at a lightning pace, and Jason Hope is definitely keeping up with it. Learn more .

Securus Technologies Has Risen to be one of the Most Sought after Security Solutions Provider

Securus Technologies is the most reliable provider of security-based products and services. The firm’s main focus is to provide technological solutions that fulfill the special needs of correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. It was founded in 1986 as T-Netix and rebranded to Securus Technologies in 2004 after its merger with Evercom. Securus has continued to grow and to expand over the years from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas to open regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. So far, the company has served many correctional facilities and inmates in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.




Over the last few years, Securus has invested $600 million to finance technology patents and acquisitions. One such acquisition is Sycon Justice Systems, an internationally recognized Offender Management Systems provider, in June 2007. The company continues to innovate new products and services year after year, solely and in partnership with other leading brands. One of the company’s product is Securus’ Managed Access Solutions that control contraband cellphones. This product had gained correctional facilities’ approval in over five departments by last year. In partnership with Harris Corporation, Securus Technologies launched the Cell Defender technology in July last year. This year, the company developed Wireless Containment Solution, a technology that inhibits a connection between contraband cellphones and mobile networks.




People have grown to appreciate Securus Technologies’ role in helping the communities live in a safer environment. They send emails and letters to the company expressing how the products have been of help to them. One client thanked the company for a successful use of their product that tracked calls of a suspect, which led to obtaining a search warrant. As a result, the officer arrested the suspect. Call monitoring service also resulted in a collection of data that revealed the use of drugs in the facilities.



New Technology Improves Treatment In Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) recently announced a partnership between Allscripts and NantHealth to provide patients and doctors a smoother platform for planning clinical pathways in cancer treatment.

Eviti is the clinical program that will be used. This program was created with the help of hundreds of oncologists, and is the first of its kind. Eviti will not interfere with the doctors clinical paperwork. The way eviti works is like this: Every type and stage of cancer has been been programmed into the service. Doctors and their patients can sit down and choose the best clinical pathway based on the patient’s health history and current state of health. Eviti will help take any guesswork out of cancer treatment ensuring a better outcome. NantHealth’s eviti system is constantly maintained and upgraded with the latest in cancer research and treatments.

Partnerships like this are just one of the many things that CTCA does in order to provide for their cancer patients. CTCA is headquartered in Boca Eaton, Florida, and is one of five locations that treats adult cancer. CTCA believes in treating patients as a whole, not just treating the cancer. Therapies are used to treat the mind, body, and soul during and after cancer treatment.

CTCA specializes in: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, genomic testing, immunotherapy, and supporting therapies that help manage pain, nausea, and side effects from chemotherapy. Consistently ranked in the top hospitals across the nation for cancer treatment, CTCA’s staff really cares and is invested in the treatment of the patient’s. Doctors will routinely sit with patients to plan cancer treatments, and will make sure the patient is involved every step of the way. To read more about eviti and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, please click here.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Giving Back to the Community

College of Lake County decided to honor one of its board members this year in their 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic taking place on June 12. This member is none other than Chris Piazzi, a beneficiary of dual transplant that saved his life. In his own words, Piazzi says that education comes in many forms. He is a beneficiary of someone’s generosity. Chris is the chairman of the College of Lake County Foundation Board, and he is also the president of Mundelein Community Bank.

Foundations like Cancer Treatment Centers of America, R.J. Galla Insurance Company, Legat Architects and First Bank of Highland Park give back to the society by hosting or sponsoring such an event whose contributions go to educating our communities. It is through their contributions that CLC has been able to support the future of over 386 students in the academic year 2015/16 Thought Awards amounting to $951,643. Money raised from the event’s tickets will benefit the College of Lake County scholarship and grants foundation. The event honoring Chris Piazzi will take place at the Ivanhoe Golf Club in Mundelein.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a group of five hospitals in four different states with the latest technology and skilled doctors and clinicians whose main aim is to offer best care to cancer patients. CTCA uses conventional approaches such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation to treat cancer. They also offer integrative support therapies to help curb side effects like fatigue, nausea and malnutrition among others.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was started back in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson when his mother passed away after suffering from cancer. He was not satisfied with the treatment his mother received and went ahead to start the cancer center. Today, CTCA has hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tulsa, Oklahoma and near Atlanta. It has also received accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and a Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission.

The Legal Litigator Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck

Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck
Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck

When selecting legal representation one of the words that come up is a litigator. People often wonder what this means and the short answer is it is derived from Latin. It actually translates to “drive a lawsuit.” This means the litigator is a legal professional. One who moves a lawsuit through the judicial system. This is a licensed attorney who has attended law school and taken the bar exam. The litigator should not be confused with a mediator, who is neutral to both parties. The litigator represents one of the parties to protect their legal rights. The litigator manages a case from start to finish.

Attorney Karl Heideck specializes in risk management and compliance practices. He also has experience in commercial litigation, corporate law, employment law and product liability. In addition, Karl Heideck has skills in legal writing and legal research. He is a lawyer practicing in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Karl Heideck has practiced law for over ten years and is highly respected in the legal community. The lawyer provides legal guidance and advice for clients keeping them in the loop during a case. He is a lawyer specializing as a litigator. He represents a wide variety of clients including individuals, corporate executives, and companies. Karl Heideck is able to build cases relying on his expertise in legal research. After gathering evidence, relevant documents and statements he assesses the case. Then he puts this expertise to work to build a solid case. Building a case that will protect his client’s legal rights during a lawsuit or other legal claim.

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