Jeanmarie Guenot; Restorer Of Hope In Medicine


Jeanmarie Guenot is one of the most notable professionals in the pharmacological and biotechnology business. She has worked in various capacities for a number of companies, both private and public, for the last 20 years. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her educational background focused on physical and medicinal chemistry.

What Is JeanMarie Guenot’s Career Like?


Guenot’s career started off at Hoffman-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai. Working as the principle scientist in preclinical research and development, she developed drugs for infection, metabolic illnesses, autoimmune ailments, and oncology. She also served as vice head of Group and Business Expansion at PDL Biopharma where she was involved in facilitating licensing, mergers and procurement, and managing of Research and Development of commercial production portfolios.


More to that, Guenot initiated, put up and ran SKS Ocular, a start-up Ophthalmic firm incubator, which centers on waterless AMD, continued relief ocular drug delivery machinery and therapeutics for optical infections, glaucoma, and macular deterioration.

JeanMarie Guenot then went into business at Atlas venture where she succeeded venture key reserves and built life education companies, working at the Board of Directors level. She is currently the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. The company is engaged in creating ground-breaking bifunctional antibody therapies for hematologic malignancies.
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JeanMarie Guenot’s Biggest Accomplishments?


While working at Hoffman-La Roche, she pushed for the development and commercialization of the drug Biogen Idec-PDL. Ultimately, this endeavor would see her receive the Bio Professional Network’s Groundbreaking Bio-Partnering Honor in the year 2005. She also received the Deal of Merit from the Accrediting Executives Society in the year 2006. outlines that Jeanmarie was also the key participant in the sale of PDL’s commercial and manufacturing businesses, as well as a member of PDL’s Executive Team and Portfolio Management. In addition, she commanded the Biogen Idec-PDL Agreement and was also an affiliate of the Cooperative Steering Board.


JeanMarie Guenot has made significant strides in medicine and her continued dedication to research and development in different areas is nothing short of remarkable.

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About Whitney Wolfe

As the Bumble’s founder and present chief executive officer, Whitney Wolfe is one of the ardent entrepreneurs in the US. Besides, owning the Bumble brand, she is one of Tinder app founders. As an executive in these dating sites, Whitney Wolfe has found her name listed among the most successful people less than 30 years in the US by Forbes magazine. Read the full Forbes article here:

The success of Bumble is due to Whitney Wolfe’s hard work and dedication towards the app. Besides, her passion to empower women is the reason for her commitment to see the app. She wants to use Bumble to continue matching more women with potential partners.


Contributions by George Soros

So many countless individuals from all across the globe think that freshly chosen President of the United States, Donald Trump, is in truth a deceitful man and an oppressor on Biography. A perfect example of such individuals who maintains this viewpoint is Mr. George Soros. George Soros knows what it is like to observe such oppressors as they take hold of authority, men with no objective of helping the community and instead they seek to create chaos. Mr. George Soros repatriated to America from Nazi-controlled Hungary. George fled the Holocaust of the Jewish people and he has a personal understanding of how depraved people can steal authority from a country and broaden their caustic ideology over the people who reside within it.

Mr. Soros, and many of the citizens who are familiar with engaging in commerce with Donald Trump, are aware that Mr. Trump had no expectations of being elected as the President of the United States and in point of fact was simple trying to muster wide-reaching awareness on to his conglomerate’s brand name. On the other hand, since Donald Trump is actually the President, not a soul can be certain of just what Mr. Trump might actually do. This is for the reason that Mr. Trump is notorious for refusing to think all the way through to coherent conclusions, and habitually rambles, apparently from an assortment of disordered thoughts on Politico.

George is renown for having a momentous record of compassionate actions. Mr. Soros has delivered contributions numbering in the billions, to defend organizations that were disadvantaged, as well as singular individuals who he has donated to. Mr. Soros is, predominantly, highly motivated towards manifesting monetary backing to those desiring to rise above bias, to increase societal equality, and to protect citizen’s liberty who are in the face of intolerance. Mr. Soros is intensely in opposition to the campaign’s known as “War on Drugs”, as Mr. George Soros has witnesses personally how legally accessible cannabis has helped citizens to better manage a variety of problematic diseases.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Soros is illustrious on an international level as a devotee of positive cannabis consumption. Mr. Soros empathetically delivered inestimable contributions, in the value of several millions of dollars, for the objective of benefiting Hillary Clinton to campaign for her presidential nomination. Prior to this venture, Mr. Soros authorized a charitable $1 million to support Barack Obama’s campaign to be reelected. Mr. Soros is renown as a backer of LGBT civil liberties and is commonly recognized as a backer of same-sex relationships.

George’s past is influential as the motivation for his desire to benefit the common man who stands up in opposition to

Mr. Soros is famous for establishing assistance for the intricate duties performed by litigators. His financial aid has made it possible to release thousands of criminally incarcerated people, and he is committed to helping people who want an education, individuals who otherwise might have no opportunity due to their inability to finance their education.

Why Securus Technologies Is Breaking Barriers In The Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is an innovative framework of video conferencing program that provides inmates with an opportunity of chatting live through video with their friends and/or family while they are at home. It is highly imperative to know that such a program is quite beneficial for many inmates as their friends and/or family members may not have the means of visiting them while they are jailed in their respective correctional facilities.


There are several reasons why friends and/or family members may not be able to visit an inmate in correctional facilities. Among some of these reasons are: not being able to set up an appointment for visitation at a time that is convenient, whether due to school, work, or other personal obligations is dependent on the individual(s) who may have visited had they been given a visitation appointment time that was more convenient for them. Not being able to drive a certain amount of distance from one’s home to the correctional facilities due to vehicle problems or long distance required for travel. These are just some circumstances that may interfere with one’s abilities of visiting an inmate at a jail facility.


Securus Technologies enables inmates and their friends and/or family members to connect with one another via video conferencing despite visitation scheduling issues. By signing up for an account with Securus Technologies, one can have assurance of knowing that they will soon be able to see and talk with the inmate they may have close relations with. It is a program that has been created by a company that has received accreditation from the BBB and should be utilized in a way for keeping in touch regardless of the circumstances that exists between the two parties. Please contact Securus Technologies today to get started with your video conferencing.


Changing the World with Todd Lubar

When you talk about TDL Ventures, the one name that comes to mind is Todd Lubar. This is the gentleman who heads this company. Todd has been in the real estate industry for over 22 years having joined in the year 1995. Soon after joining college, Todd Lubar discovered his love and passion for the finance and real estate industries. His first experience in the real estate industry was with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked as a loan originator. During his time with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he learned about the conservative mortgage banking model. This was a concept that became useful later on. He also spent time here working with various people in the industry such as CPAs, insurance agents and financial planners. This group of people helped him later on in his career with referrals.

He did not waste time with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as he moved on and joined Legacy Financial group after being offered an equity position. In this position, he could broker deals with outside investors and could also act as a direct mortgage. With enough experience under his belt, he opened up his first venture 15 years ago. This venture was called Legendary Properties and is a residential development company. Until now, he has been able to conduct over 200 transactions through the purchase, selling and rehabilitation of property within the United States of America. Some of his customers are individuals, institutions and big corporations in the public and private sector.

According to his Linked In profile, Todd Lubar is also behind the Charter Funding that was opened up in the year 2003. When tough economic times hit in the year 2008, Todd Lubar decided to venture into other businesses. He has some automobile scrap recycling business as well as a demolition company. Todd Lubar is a resident of Bethesda, Maryland. Among the things he loves most is Orange County, California. He is a family man and has been blessed with two children. On his free time, he loves spending time with his family.

According to Todd Lubar, his life-long goal is to make the world a better place, add value to the people he comes to contact with and become a better person. For more info, visit