Bob Reina: Creator and Great Man

It is rare in today’s society to find someone that is not only a great person, but they have also created a great product. Oftentimes, when someone has created something and comes into great wealth, it changes them and not always for the better. In fact, sometimes it changes them in a bad way and they aren’t the same person. They become greedy, selfish, and sometimes people don’t even remember the person they thought they once knew. In the case of Bob Reina, it is actually the opposite. The more Talk Fusion has grown and the more money he has made, the better person he has become. It has had the opposite change on him. He was always a good person, but now he has the resources to use that wealth for something positive and something good.

The company has been around since 2007 and ever since they first opened up, they have been about helping people and making a difference. They figured if they were going to make this great product which includes video email, video conference, and video chat, why not use it to help others out in other avenues of life? I read a recent story that brought a tear to my eye because it shows the true measure of Bob Reina. He donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. As an animal lover, it was impossible not be immensely moved by that donation.

You don’t find people like Bob Reina every day. He is tireless in his efforts to help people, change the world, and make it a better place. It is truly 24/7/365 for him. In fact, he looks for ways to help people. He is always looking for companies to help, people to help, and as I mentioned, animals.

Bob knows he is a lucky man and if he can’t share that luck and that good fortune with others, what is the point of it all, really? These are the kinds of questions that a thoughtful man like Bob asks himself each and every night before he goes to bed.

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Eric Pulier’s Successes and Contributions to Humanity

Eric Pulier has managed to establish a reputation around his name as a philanthropist, technologist, entrepreneur, public speaker and investor. He developed his knack for technology at a young age, which later enabled him to create his database while in high school. As a talented student, he attained a chance at Harvard University where he attained his BA in English and American Literature.

Entrepreneurship and Investment Role

Pulier prides himself as the founder and co-founder of more than fifteen companies. He has made numerous efforts to raise millions of dollars for his ventures. Media Platform, Desktone, Digital Evolution, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh as well as US Interactive are some of the ventures established, funded or co-founded by Pulier.

He also invests in various seed level startups specializing in fields such as technology and media. Further, Pulier is also an active investor in venture capital funds such as Monitor Ventures, eCompanies as well as Trident Capital.

Pulier’s Role as an Author

The Enterprise Industrial Complex is one of Pulier’s publications, which was published by Forbes Magazine in March 2012.He is also known for co-authoring the Understanding Enterprise SOA with co-author Hugh Taylor. The book, which was published by Manning Publications in 2005, draws numerous conclusions from real experiences of companies in distinct sectors.

Charity Work

Eric Pulier is a dedicated philanthropist who gives back to the community through technology initiatives and programs. He is known in the philanthropic community for creating one among the initial multimedia educational programs dedicated to educating victims of Multiple Sclerosis about their disease. Further, he was a major honoree at the US Doctors for Africa benefit occasion held in New York City. In the presence of numerous donor attendees, Pulier was acknowledged for his effort in delivering innovation to the healthcare requirements in Africa. See:

He is recognized as the ACE Foundation founding donor. ACE Foundation, is a 501C3 entity devoted to changing the manner by which software is built and used in solving humanity challenges. More so, he serves as a board member of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp dedicated to children suffering from chronic illness.

Diversant LLC Seeks Gold Standard in IT Staffing Sector

Diversant LLC, Principal Executive John Goullet is an amazing businessman. He has been an influential element in the IT staffing field since 1994 when he left private consulting to form Info Technologies. This was an early step on his road to shaping our modern day views on IT staffing. After building up Info Technologies to a valuation of $30 million, John Goullet joined Diversant LLC with his own company merging into Diversant as well. This was the next step in shaping the IT staffing sector as we know it today, by adding diversity to talent and competency.

Diversant LLC is a company built on diversity, by diversity, and benefiting from all of the unique assets inherent to having a diverse staff. It is the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the United States while also being fully Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) certified. Diversant LLC believes in leveraging its diversity to help clients meet their own diversity and corporate culture goals while also providing the highest quality consultants for placement and IT solutions. That process begins with treating consultants with respect, forming direct relationships with clients, and supporting the information technology industry as a whole.

Diversant LLC doesn’t just support its clients and consultants but also the industry. It believes in encouraging up and coming students to take computer science degrees to answer the ever growing and under-filled demand for IT specialists worldwide. They also support charitable organizations that focus on the same goals. NOVA and STAR are two charitable organizations that focus on helping veterans re-enter the workforce after leaving active duty. They accomplish this by providing fast-track education and career path opportunities to veterans looking to enter the IT field and get certified or obtaining their full computer science degree. Beyond all of that Diversant LLC is always growing, always pressing forward to become the accepted gold standard for IT staffing. After merging with Info Technologies in 2010, Diversant LLC grew exponentially and they have now added Vircon to their brand which has made them officially the fastest-growing IT firm in the country.

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Highland Capital Management’s Charitable Fund gets a new management team

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management alongside Mark Okada. He is also the President of the institution. The organization was established in 1993, and since then it has been a pioneer in the establishment of Collateralized Loan Obligation market that is recognized worldwide. The organization has developed solutions focused on offering credits to institutional and retail investors around the globe. The institution offers award-winning products to its clients including institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, CLOs, and Private Equity funds. Dondero has also worked as the Chief Investment Officer at GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life. He has also worked at the American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst. Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia, and he is also a Certified Management Accountant and a Charted Financial Analyst.

Recently, it was reported that James had teamed up with Linda Owen to manage the Highland’s Philanthropic activities. Owen is a Dallas civic leader and also former President of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The organization’s charity events continue to grow hence the need to come up workable management strategies. Owen will be the organization’s manager, and the operations will be carried out in partnership with the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is in charge of administering the firm’s charitable giving fund. James Dondero was quoted saying that a dedicated professional was required to ensure a high impact in their philanthropic activities. Owen’s track record of establishing excellent working relationships between public and private sectors. Linda shares the firm’s vision which is to make a tangible impact in the community.

Highland Capital Management is on record for contributing over three million US Dollars annually to charitable organizations. The primary beneficiaries of the organization’s charity activities include war veterans’ causes, education, and health, together with the Dallas Community in general. Other recipients include the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum, and the Center for Brain and Health among many others. Owen oversaw the growth Klyde Warren Park that is located in Dallas. The park was completed in the year 2012. She has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of The Real Estate Council.

The Dallas Foundation was established in 1929. The organization was formed with the objective of bringing together donors to help in improving the lives in North Texas.


Marc Sparks Newest Endeavor – Spark Tank

With his newest endeavor, Spark Tank, Marc Sparks has made the decision to create a fund which empowers social entrepreneurs to do things which change the world. The company does so by offering $5000 grants to entrepreneurs whom are doing things which plan to change the world.

The venture capital group has already chosen a few nonprofits to move on to the next stage. These include: a transitional living home for boys, a homeless nonprofit, and a foster care nonprofit which is aimed at abused pets. These are simple concepts which can have a lot of potential for impact upon the community.

Marc Sparks comes from humble beginnings, and managed to do so without any college education. He is also the owner of a private equity firm which provides services to entrepreneurial companies.

This is in addition to a number of other enterprises and his success as an author. Primarily, though, he is a venture capitalist whom is looking to help small businesses grow. This is an area with which Marc has been very successful.

Marc Sparks offers advice to those whom are seeking venture capital from investors. First, venture capitalists are looking to see that the business has a unique offering which fills a need in the market. Venture capitalists like to see that there is positive sales data, and this can only benefit the company in the long run.

A clear strategy is there to ensure that the money will be spent well. Finally, a good presentation will be able to prove that the company is trying to make to investors. This is the ultimate goal – investors are looking for a good impression made by the presentation that they view. A good visual, as well as a good story behind the data and a simple format makes for a good presentation.

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How Richard Blair Established Wealth Solutions


The main reason for any financial planning process is attaining the personal financial goals and achieving the wealth management goals. The first step is carrying out a detailed research, followed by the collection of data. The next step is creating a professional portfolio. For the implementation process to be successful, one ought to understand where he or she stands financially and be able to project where he or she will be in future. Most people long for a bright financial future.

Wealth Solutions
Established by Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions is a certified financial advisory organization that provides property management resolutions. It does so by using accredited and advanced technology to deliver innovative services and products to its customers. It is situated in Texas. The firm offers accounting, research, management, engineering and business consulting services. On average, it generates $401,861 in annual revenues.

Blair is a registered annuity specialist, investment advisor, retirement income professional and an estate and trust expert. Together with Blair’s qualifications, Wealth Solutions can offer its clients innovative investment choices. The solutions aid in delivering optimum results by forming a diverse portfolio with small risks and awesome results.

Wealth Solutions treat clients as partners in financial management. It implores the most recent insights and technology from varied studies to guarantee the success of every partner and have them on track. The result is increased value in the relationship by making sure that every key player is given priority of the joint efforts to provide:

  • Customized valuable solutions
  • Accounts that provide excellent security measures
  • Trusted, professional, and expert financial advice
  • 24-hour access to investment opportunities
  • Personalized and unique goals

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions because he longed to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, business owners, families, and the society as a whole. Blair had a strong background in education since his wife, mother, and grandmother were teachers. Thus, he had first-hand experience on how education could impact positively on the lives of individuals. After leaving college, Richard joined the financial services industry immediately. One year later, he formed his firm so as to provide helpful, unbiased financial advice.

Over the years, Blair has been useful to his clients by helping them make sound financial decisions. He has assisted in linking the gap between being in retirement and planning. He helps clients to have a successful retirement by helping them to plan appropriately.

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The Benefits of The Manse on Marsh

Have you ever imagined living in a place that feels like home away from home? This is the feeling you will have while staying at the Manse on Marsh. The Manse on Marsh is a home which is designed to take in the senior members of society and provide them with assisted living care. The facility is built in such a way that it has facilities which ensure that the resident feels comfortable and at home. The facilities, together with the care that the residents receive, ensure that you age gracefully in an environment which is both peaceful and comfortable.

At Manse on Marsh, residents are treated to a wide range of services. For starters they are given the option of choosing the accommodation that suits their needs best. For instance, you may choose a cottage which ensures maximum privacy or a one-bedroom unit depending on your budget. They also have studio accommodation. The good news is that all these accommodation options come with comfort, privacy and security. They also come with facilities such as laundry services and common areas.

Manse on Marsh is not only a place where your loved one can get accommodation as they grow older. The facility is also keen on developing the individual. They do this through several programs which they have designed for their residents. For instance, they encourage their residents to engage in sports, culinary arts and even exercise programs. This way, they are not only able to maintain a health and fitness regimen but they also get to meet other people their age and interact.

For those who need assisted care in terms of medication and even doing daily chores such as dressing and feeding, there are nurses and other trained medical technicians who handle such matters. They also offer pet care assistance for those who need it. Your loved one can never get bored while staying at the Manse on Marsh. The vibrant living experience and the wide range of facilities will do them good. It is no wonder that the home has been recognized as one of the very best in the nation. Contact them through their website, or read more about what the facilities have to offer at the Manse Blog.

Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Are Helping People Achieve Their Goals

While growing up, everyone has a dream of what they might be or what they want to accomplish, which is driven by a strong passion. The bigger the goal is the harder it will be to achieve, especially without the proper guidance and tools to reach it. Choosing whether or not to give up becomes a possibility without help from those who can help bring those goals into focus. All anyone needs to accomplish this is a workable plan that will take them from start to finish.

One of the most important things for achieving a goal and staying focused is staying positive, otherwise the chances of slowing down or giving up start to increase. Staying positive and sticking around those who stay positive as well is very helpful. Folks like Jim Hunt at VTA Publications is helping guide people towards taking the right steps for achieving their goals, whether it be in investments, starting a business, or in life. Regardless of how much experience someone has prior, VTA Publications can help the rest of the way.

It’s also important for someone to know what their own strengths and weaknesses are, to work with them the best they can while sticking to their plan for success. VTA Publications focuses on offering tools and information in a variety of different subjects from some of the vest best industry experts that provide their top strategies for finding success. Regardless of the odds or what people may say, staying focused and persistence is a must.

As one of the leading representatives for VTA Publications, Jim Hunt is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams, and produces YouTube videos towards that end. Whether they want to buy nice things or live in a nice place, his advice can help achieve it. Whether it’s in stocks, business, or property, Jim Hunt is ready to help. Even though the stock market fluctuates and has its ups and downs, Jim actively stays with his clients to ensure they reach their goal.

For those who are ready to start their journey for success, it is only a few phone calls away. VTA publications also provide a wealth wave kit to a certain percent of people willing to try and gain a fortune.

Devco and the Heldrich Hotel

The private nonprofit company DEVCO is based out of New Jersey and has made one of the largest investments, over $1.6 billion, into the economic growth of the city of New Brunswick. Founded in the mid 1970’s, the New Brunswick Development Corporation has had its hand in several projects including several government, residential and educational buildings. Most recently they are working on the College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative. Since it was created to company has won over twenty awards for their designs. Devco believes that the reason for its success due to its partnerships with both private and public domains, spreading out its projects across different sectors and making alliances with many businesses.

Earlier this year, the Press Atlantic City reported that the New Brunswick Development Corporation is under scrutiny after working with the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, who has been neglecting to pay the $1 million principal on a $20 million loan. The loan was given over a decade ago in 2005 to renovate the Heldrich Hotel. Devco’s attorney Christopher Paladino went on the record saying that the loan,”will be paid, but it’s just going to take a couple more years.” Increased income from the refurbished hotel was supposed to help with payments but the Heldrich has been less popular than many had hoped.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation has been working to solve the problem as they wait for more funds. Many of the bonds used to pay for the Heldrich have been repaid with interest, but subordinate bondholders haven’t seen any payments. To try and increase income Devco is teaming up with the Atlantic County Improvement Authority to work on a new project, the Stockton University satellite campus. Their hope is to make revenue from sale of tax credits and other college expenses. Devco reviewed financing for the project and is positive that it will not face the same crisis.


Thor Halvorssen Says He Goes Where The Trouble Leads Him

Thirty-nine year old human rights activist Thor Halvorssen comes from a long line of fearless leaders. The half Norwegian, half Venezuelan protector of human rights has seen a lot of disruption division and wrongdoings in his day. But, he is determined through his organization to shed light on abuses taking place all over the world.

Thor Halvorssen understands the difficulties and dangers of his job. His mother was shot at a protest, his father, who exposed government corruption in Venezuela is in prison, along with a cousin. He has had other friends and family members suffer the same fate simply for speaking out.

Halvorssen says he was called to do this, because he has it in his blood. Nothing deters him and he will go wherever the abuses take him.

A few years ago, he and a cameraman traveled all the way to Vietnam to interview the head of the country’s Buddhist church. Just when things seemed to be going well, his interview was abruptly stopped and thugs of the current regime beat him to a pulp. Luckily, his cameraman escaped uninjured and with the tape unharmed. “That was an experience I wouldn’t want to go through again,” says Halvorssen. “But, if that’s what it takes to expose corruption and abuse, I would.”

Although he has been roundly criticized over the years, Thor Halvorssen shakes it off. He says his detractors don’t want change. They are inclined to keep things exactly the same. Halvorssen says his organization will never give up. He says there are plenty of people all over the world who need to be exposed.

He is also doing everything he can to have political prisoners released from custody. “It’s not right to throw people in jail because you don’t agree with their stances,” said Halvorssen. “Unfortunately, it happens all the time.”