An Appraisal of Diversant’s Role in IT Staffing

Hiring competent employees often presents a headache to many firms. IT companies particularly are affected more because of a biting shortage of professionals. Diversant LLC is one of America’s largest enlistment firms in the IT sector. It mostly serves fortune 500 companies and has established a good repute for availing talented individuals to fill different vacancies whenever they come up.

For over two decades now, Diversant has been on the forefront grooming professionals and partnering them with large corporations. Diversant values its consultants due to the belief that they are as equally important just as its clients. With experienced IT recruiters who have a comprehension about the needs of clients and the workings of their firms, there is an assurance that only skilled employees are recruited. Its impressive work has also seen it make enduring networks with clients and other players within the IT industry. This guarantees the agency exclusive access to any opportunities that arise.

Diversant has been acclaimed for negotiating generous payment packages on behalf of those that it helps conscript. The company itself holds onto the conviction that IT specialists do an amazing work and therefore, ought to be generously remunerated. Its employees are handsomely paid and provided with medical and dental indemnity. Senior consultants are also provided with vacations. This has gone a long way in helping Diversant to attract the crème of the IT industry.

John Goullet is Diversant’s chairman and principal. A sequential entrepreneur, he has been played a central in the formation of numerous prosperous IT firms. Initially beginning as an IT expert and consultant, he shifted to employee conscription in 1994. His clear grasp of the industry came in handy when he established Info Technologies, a staffing firm.

In less than half a decade, Info Technologies was recording a turnover surpassing 30 million dollars. This warranted it’s naming among fast growing companies in the United States. To diversify his firm’s interests, Goullet merged it with Diversant Inc., a union that led to the birth of Diversant LLC. His naming as chairman is perceived strategic move by Diversant, which aims at tapping into his extensive experience. This will be beneficial in helping the firm meet any challenges that may come about in future.

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Keith Mann The American Investor

Keith Mann is the man who founded the Dynamic Search Partners firm, currently holds the position of the Managing Director of the company. Keith’s career started with Dynamic Associates as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. He rose through the ranks to the Vice President of the company.

Keith founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2001.The company has been able to get 2,000 client mandates and also acquire the position of the largest databases of investment executives in the US.

The firm has been able to build a network of industry professionals extending all levels and areas of expertise for over ten years. Its client base entails the most prestigious hedge funds and private equity firms in the business. The company’s ability to understand the details and sensitivities of the executive search has enabled it to pair with clients who have leading industry talent and services.

Keith Mann has been forging strategic partnerships with a select group of high caliber differentiated businesses. It has enabled them to provide a greater level of client service, presenting a right message to the marketplace. It has been possible by limiting the number and nature of mandates their team is engaged on. It makes it possible for them to understand their client well and their specific search needs letting out a right message to the market.

Dynamic search Partners strive to add value beyond the process of searching by providing market insight and guidance in the dynamic market environment. They have been able to execute well organized, thorough and efficient searches for their clients. It has been their guiding principle that a successful executive search practice requires a long-term partnership with their candidates.

Their team is knowledgeable and accessible to cater for their candidates that are either seeking new employment or just looking for advice or market insight.

Over the past ten years, Dynamic Search Partners has acquired the position of one of the superior search firms in the alternative investment industry.

The company’s business has begun to grow into related verticals within the alternative investment park. It is by client referrals and buys side candidate relationships that its presence has expanded into the private equity industry. Recently they have been able to help customers fill roles outside of the core investment functions.

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Why Handy is everyone’s choice for spring cleaning

Spring is the perfect time for through home cleaning. The weather makes it even better and so, most cleaners are always booked in advance. Lately, everyone wants to find a cleaner through Handy, the online and mobile booking company that has taken the market by storm. The fact that a homeowner can find a handyman on a short notice and without having to leave the house in order to search for one is just one of the many reasons why this platform has become increasingly popular. Here are more reasons why the company has become a market leader.

A few months ago, Handy launched a mobile application that makes it easier to book for services. With this app, all that a user has to do is to indicate the time when they want the cleaner to show up and everything else will happen automatically. For instance, the user can choose the next day and a professional will show up at their door steps ready with all the tools and equipment required to do the work. For those who do not like using mobile apps, the online desktop app is still functional and has been made even better.

Another reason why Handy is gaining more customers is because they make it easy to run background checks. This happens at both the county and national level so as to verify all the information. Nobody wants to risk hiring a cleaner with a bad reputation and so, the checks help to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Clearly, finding a cleaner in spring cannot be any easier. With this in consideration, any investing in more tools for their customers and the handymen, finding a professional for this job should not be a difficult task. At the end of the day, both the customers and the cleaners benefit from using these services.

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James Dondero’s Contributions In Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital Management and the acting principal. Since then it has then grown to a capacity of handling assets worth up to over $20billion. HCM has also been involved in the setting up of Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO) and managing a diverse range of assets like real estate management, stocks, and management of companies like the Kinder Morgan and American Airls Group among others.

These assets have an estimated worth of up to $4.91 billion. James Dondero is also the president of HCM. In the previous quarter, it has had its Information and Technology field increase in 18% while the corporates elevate up to 12% worth of assets. He has received many awards like the Lipper Awards 2014 and the Corporate Award 2014 following his outstanding performance in the Equity and Finance fields.

James Dondero is an expert who handles his profession with precision and accuracy. Residing in Dallas, he has worked in this area for over three decades. His expertise knowledge can be traced back from his university study and specialization in Accounting and Finance. Here he graduated with high honors award degree at the University of Virginia. Above this, he is also a certified management accountant.

Dondero is a Financial Analyst and forms part of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer directors panel. He has helped many entrepreneurs in many diverse fields start up and get their Businesses going on. He has also been involved in the development and management of equity and credit market areas worldwide.

James Dondero has a technical know-how from handling a diverse range of fields. These include corporates, real estate management, finance analyzing, stocks and debt areas among others. He has done benevolent actions and responsibilities. For instance, he has been endorsed with $2million for the upkeep of the Tower School Program in the Southern Methodist University.

American Banknote has also benefited from his expertise by including him in their panel of different directors. James Dondero also has pioneered in Nex Bank and Cornerstone Healthcare among others. He has been involved in high-yield bonds and also privatized investment grade corporations.

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National Superhero Day Benefits Make-A-Wish Through SKOUT


Anybody can become a real life superhero. You just need to get the SKOUT smartphone application. April 28th was National Superhero Day, and to celebrate that specially designated day, SKOUT donated money to Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area. The donation amount was determined by how the app was used. Whenever anyone running the SKOUT app gifted any one of their friends with an online virtual gift with a superhero theme, SKOUT added to the donation amount. The goal for SKOUT was to full fund a recipient’s wish. This means everyone can be superheros!

SKOUT did a survey of their customer users and found out 80 percent admitted that they too wanted to become some type of superhero. Most of those surveyed indicated that in their definition, a superhero is anyone that helps anyone else who is in need. SKOUT CEO and one of the founders of the company, Christian Wiklund, enthusiastically stated that he was proud to be part of his company’s effort to use the app to fund a Make-A-Wish who really does need a superhero. He said whenever they send a virtual gift to a friend, they show they care for that friend. But that sending a virtual superhero gift also shows you care for others.

The Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area organization creates strength, joy, and hope with grants of wishes to children who have terminal or life-threatening conditions. The goal of this worthy institution is to grant a wish to all eligible needy children who reside in any of the counties they serve. For a child to The Bay Area chapter of this organization has been granting such wishes for 32 years. They granted 27 children wishes in 1984, their first year of operation. These days it grants of 370 wishes every year; over 7,200 wishes have been granted, in total. The following 17 counties in Northern California are covered by this chapter: Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Marin, Monterey, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Siskiyou, Solano and Sonoma.

The SKOUT app is produced by SKOUT, the company. It runs on a variety of smart Internet-connected devices to virtually connect people ins social circles. It is now being used by many thousands of people in over 180 countries and using 16 different languages of the world. SKOUT is the safe way to meet strangers, find out about local events, and start new connections. You can find out more at

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Knowledge Empowers You To Beat the Odds!

VTA publications have the only Directors who manage the operation of the Company. It is a registered Company founded in 2012 with an ambition to offer a podium where users will interact in exchange of services. Mrs. Geraldine Roberts is the founder and the President of VTA publications Ltd. VTA publications platform is designed to offer information especially to distance learns across the globe. Students are able to choose a course and submit exclusively. The platform also offers both one to one consultation and digitally speaking as per the customer needs.

VTA also offers a variety of services, like it is the podium where one can get catering services and event organizers. It has a pool of expertise who are dedicating in service rendering to ensure customer need are met. Mrs. Geraldine Roberts was born in October 1949, and apart from being the Head of VTA, she is also a director of Lifetime Enterprises and Lifetime Publications. VTA Publications deals with consultancies in Plans & Pricing, Company insights, giving Company Data API and Credit reports.

The key is an article published on VTA publication platform, Key is the word behind Knowledge Empowering You, a publication that offers insight on the kinetic knowledge on our mindset that should unleash the empowering potential to offset challenges that at the time are imprinted in our minds.

This is further explained using the beating Odds and overcoming the status-quo in answering on which Odds are you in the given choices 10-1? 50-1? 100-1? 1000-1? To offset this mind game. Herb Brooks, a Hockey Coach of USA ice Hockey team met Soviet Hockey team (Red machine) who were known be unstoppable and whenever they had a play they won.

Herb Brooks overcome the situation by thinking unorthodox way. He explored the game deeply and emerged by discovering that repeating the same thing all over for severally and expect to achieve something different is total nonsense. Herb Came up with a team of young College students who and make known to them cooperation within team players and speed is essential in a hockey game since the game is based on speed.

In 1980 during winter Olympics, the USA ice team met their opponents Soviet Hockey team at finals. Because everyone had the mindset that obvious Reds will win, Herb briefed his team before the match and asked them if they had to play Russians 10 games its sure that they cannot miss winning one game within the 10 plays off. Herb requested them that he needs that one win today. They won the game based on mind game of speed and staying united basing their paly on securing 10-1, and so the beating of Odds should be 10-1 to reach your goal.


There is boom hike of fuel price according to the Luis Vicente Leon head of the economic company. The economist said the hike could pulverize due to inflationary effect in the country. Leone advised the nation that rise in gasoline price would bring a significant contribution to the economy. Norka Luque thinks the only way to stabilize the economy is through adjustments of foreign currency and regulate the price of gasoline as Implemented by president Maduro.

Caracas the capital city of Venezuela is a rich and fast-growing city. It attracts tourist as they experience the wooded slopes of the national park and world class museums which lead to increased foreign exchange. Lively salsa clubs at night and elegant coffee cafes make tourist enjoy to live in the city, therefore, digging into their pocket making the economy rise.

The Plaza Bolivar is the engine of the city as it attracts traders due to its favoring bearable working condition. Trees forming canopy provide shade to the ice creams and lemonades vendors in addition the plaza attracts visitors as they listen to inspirational speeches by preachers and visionary leaders in front of Simon Bolivar statue.

One of the best museums that Norka often visits in Latin America is Museo de Arte Colonial that is rich in colonial art collections, therefore, it enriches the tourist with information about Venezuela. Kitchen galleries are also found there and the colonial tools are original like metal pots, bronze pitchers, and mud plates.

The central university of Venezuela in 2000 was nominated a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is used now to perform theater, show artworks, concerts and dance festivals. Next to the University there lie draped vines and intertwining trees that refresh the area giving the city the comfort it needs.

Richard Blair Gives Advice On Insurance Issues Dealing With Airbnb

A Look At Richard Blair’s Career

Investment advisor Richard Blair has outlined some key issues that may arise when homeowners or apartment owners begin to lease out rooms or entire homes to people through BNB. Mr. Blair is a registered investment advisor. He has created his own firm called Wealth Solutions Inc., which is located just outside of the city of Austin, Texas. Richard Blair provides investment advice, retirement planning and customized wealth preservation strategies through his firm.

Mr. Blair’s goal is to provide objective advice to his clients and help to attain their financial goals whether they are setting aside money for a comfortable retirement, preserving current wealth and assets or guiding investors on where to invest their funds. Richard Blair attended the University of Houston and majored in finance and financial management there, graduating with a bachelors degree. He has over 23 years of working in the financial industry. Companies he was worked for include United Global Securities, Inc. and Crownbridge Wealth LLC.

Issues To Take Into Account Before Putting Your Home Up For Rent On Airbnb

Many homeowners are now looking to Airbnb and other online rental sites as a way to make extra money. These websites allow a homeowner to rent out a room, several rooms or an entire home or apartment to prospective guests. This sounds attractive and seems like an easy way to make some additional money. However many homeowners ignore some of the risks involved, especially when it comes to insurance liability.

One thing that many homeowners fail to realize is that most insurance policies do not cover paid guests. This is because renting out rooms or even your home for a days at a time is considered to a commercial activity. Most of the insurance policies that cover a single family home or residential apartment will exclude this from their coverage. So in the event there are damages as a result of staying, you will not be reimbursed.

To secure yourself against damages that result from a paid guest stay you will have to adjust your insurance policy or insert a rider that covers this into your current insurance policy. Another important thing to consider is that many insurance policies will be nullified if you do not contact insurance firms and let them know that you are actively renting out your home for commercial gain. It is also important to be familiar and compliant with the rules and regulations that are in place in your community with regards to bed and breakfast inns. Failure to comply with the laws and regulations could result in fines and lawsuits. For more advice on this issue check out this article by Richard Blair.

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